Dogpatch USA. Newton County, Arkansas. Be sure to check out the first batch of Dogpatch pics, too.

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PICT0334 PICT0335 PICT0336 PICT0337 PICT0338
PICT0334.jpg PICT0335.jpg PICT0336.jpg PICT0337.jpg PICT0338.jpg
PICT0339 PICT0340 PICT0341 PICT0342 PICT0343
PICT0339.jpg PICT0340.jpg PICT0341.jpg PICT0342.jpg PICT0343.jpg
PICT0344 PICT0345 PICT0346 PICT0347 PICT0348
PICT0344.jpg PICT0345.jpg PICT0346.jpg PICT0347.jpg PICT0348.jpg

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