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Dogpatch, Arkansas (June 20, 2004)

The road up to the top of the hill is slowly being eaten by vegetation. Several people still live up on the hill in some condo-type buildings, and back along the dirt roads, so the road isn't in danger of being overcome completely. Still it looks just a little spooky.
This is the entrance and gift shop. The tree at left has grown mighty large. I'm not sure if that tree was there in the 80's or not.
Daisy Mae under ivy.
The Funicular Tram and its various mechanisms. Note below the beheaded body of the goat statue that I believe used to occupy a place on the roof of the gift shop.
Compare with this picture.
"Formal landscaping is literally unknown to the citizens..."
Click here to see the more extensive photojournal I made a few weeks later.

You can read the complete history of Dogpatch USA, exhaustively researched by the Arkansas Roadside Travelogue.
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