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January 11, 2004

The former Atomic Guitars, Little Rock. We'll miss you, Johnny.

Somewhere north of Greenbrier

Photos above taken near Lance's house. That's Kevin (left) and Lance (right) in the middle photo. The "sell boat" was found on my mom's driveway, so that leaves only two possible suspects: my nephew Austin or my niece Emily.
Two exits to my office - North Little Rock (above) and Levy (below). I choose the former, as it has the best view and slightly faster traffic.
For some reason I feel compelled to take woefully inadequate pictures of the sky.
Stinkfoot in repose. Probably watching a bird and cursing the transparent walls of his cage.
The view from my office's back door. The dumpster belongs to the Pulaski County booking facililty, so don't we feel safe?
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