About This Blog

Hi. I’m Colter and I’m an Arkansan currently in New York. I work in the web/advertising business, play guitar, and do some freelance writing.

The trouble with having had a website since 1995 is that so much changes along the way. In the days before blogging, I made pages of links, pages of guitar stuff, photo galleries[1], travelogues[2], and plain old screeds. Now it’s just the blog.

As time has marched on, humans have found better ways to structure and deliver information. For example, I’ve watched many photo bloggers all but abandon their standalone websites in favor of the perks and convenience of the Flickr community.

In addition to changes in technology, there have also been numerous stylistic changes in my writing. I’m much less of a dork these days, for example. I’ve also become a better writer, and so keeping the cringe-worthy stuff that I wrote in the late 90’s lying around just doesn’t make sense. With blogs, though, it’s all there in the archive, for better or worse. Take a look around; it goes back a ways. Perhaps someday we’ll find out if it has any value to the present or future.

1.) Some consisting of GIFs from the days before I knew what the difference between a GIF and a JPEG was.
2.) Some with javascript popups! The horror!