New Photos

New plog consists primarily of last Saturday’s Ho-Hum show and Sunday at Sufficient Grounds. Also, Black Santa and the Egg Nog from Lassis Inn, and the wild dumpster cats of Benton (relatives of Matt’s cat, Puma).

Saturday I had an amazing experience, but I’m waiting to get CIA clearance before I tell you about it.

7 Responses to “New Photos”

  1. Lil' Heather Says:

    Can we please not have pictures of me with puffy eyes and rosey face? Everyone else looks lovely!!!!

  2. Rob Wolfe Says:

    Did you catch the Rockin’ Guys opener? Just wondering how the Danster did.

  3. colter Says:

    I missed the Rockin Guys. I got there just as they were leaving. I talked to Danny in the parking lot, though. I saw them at Whitewater awhile back, though, they were good.

  4. colter Says:

    And did you know Dr. Schantz is their bass player?

  5. Rob Says:

    I knew he played bass, but didn’t know he was with the RG’s now. Pretty kewl. He played with a couple of bands at different coffeehouses, Dana Falconberry’s and Jenna Hughes’ IIRC.

  6. Jessica Says:

    Heather looks soooo gorgeous in this picture. Hush your mouth, girlie!

  7. Jessica Says:

    OMG. I had the hugest crust on Dr. Schantz. I was not alone, I know, but still… Blast from the past!